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Cocktail Party and Jazz (58:06)

Art Museum  (28:59)

Harvard Club Cocktail Party (11:51)

Harvard Club Presentations and Dance (40:16)


Welcome Cocktails Slideshow (5:14)

Commencement Slideshow (5:18)

Clambake Slideshow (1:56)

Class Photo Slideshow (3:28)


Peter Davis: Dinner With Jackie O., I.F. Stone and John Finley (43:59)

Nick Platt: China Today (59:20)

Scalise/Lewis: Harvard Today (1:16:25)

Ed Burlingame: Working With High Profile Writers (31:36)

Malcolm Weiner: Climate Change, Famines, Pandemics and Warfare in the Collapse of Civilizations (1:03:58)

John Dowling/Charles Gross: The Brain (58:33)

David Laibson: The Aging Brain and Personal Financial Decisions (1:08:10)


Introduction by Charles Steedman (4:56)

Fritz Schwarz, Civil Rights Attorney condensed (9:43) complete (26:44)             

Earl Silbert, Watergate Prosecutor condensed (9:45) complete (34:32)

Paul Scher, Disabilities Advocate condensed  (9:37) complete (14:02)

George Sadowsky, Internet Pioneer condensed (15:25) complete (34:48)

Al Williams, Cardiologist and Musician condensed (13:57) complete (30:41)

Newt Hyslop, Infectious Diseases Specialist condensed (10:55) complete (41:54)